5 Habits Of Successful Sports Bettors

August 4, 2020 0 Comment

The majority of sports bettors are aware of the basics: don’t bet with your emotions, popular sports don’t always make for the best bets, keep a constant eye on the old bankroll, etc. But in order to achieve real sports betting success, its necessary to go above and beyond. A successful approach involves not only outsmarting the bookies but also doing a number of things differently to the general crowd.

Successful sports bettors have several things, or habits, in common. These are our favourite 5.

Success Avoids Temptation

It’s a thing of common sense – but one too often ignored: when on a diet, don’t stock up on junk food. Or in bettor’s language: avoid betting on loads of bets for the heck of fishing with a shotgun. Firing wide doesn’t necessarily mean hitting more targets.

It certainly is tempting, especially when on the down and low, to throw all caution to the wind, go all in on the bankroll, and hope for the best. Its important not to succumb to this type of random and defeatist thinking.

Success Shows Up

Successful sports bettors know the value of showing up and of rising to the occasion, even when emotions dictate otherwise. This is directly tied to self-discipline. According to popular psychology, there are two types of people (in this case, bettors) when talking self-discipline: those who see self-discipline as being a thing of easy abundance, and those who view self-discipline as exceptionally scarce and difficult to master.

Self-discipline may mean easing up on the number of bets played over a set period of time  in order to focus on a slightly larger bet more suitable to the bettor’s range of knowledge about that bet and sport. Regulation is of course key.

Success Takes Breaks

A successful sports bettor knows when its time to take a short break or vacation away from the exciting world of beating the odds. What’s more, those who end up enjoying long-term success realises the value of practising self-care. They get enough sleep, they generally take good care of themselves from a personal health perspective, i.e. making physically healthy choices like eating well and getting regular exercise, and they generally approach managing stress with the same logic as what they do betting on sports.

Success Eats The Elephant

Success knows that the only way to eat an entire elephant, is one bite at a time. Every successful sports bettor knows that formulating smaller more manageable milestones beats the heck out of trying to master a goal touching on the impossible. Short-term goals are the key not only to sports betting success, but also to happiness overall.

Success Follows Through

Successful sports bettors know the value of following through. Giving up isn’t an option and never has been. Following through and sticking at the trade in a disciplined way are the keys that open most doors. Sports betting is no exception.