A Guide for Online Players at Pokies Casino

June 19, 2020 0 Comment

At a pokies casino you can enjoy a huge number of reel spinning games in just about every style and theme imaginable. But if you’ve ever wondered how pokies have earned their nickname, or why they are called this in Australia and New Zealand, keep reading.

We tell you everything you need to know about a pokies casino and why these games have been given a moniker that could seem, in some cases, amusingly out of context. Pokies machines don’t need a poke to get going, nor will they give you a poke either, and the name actually has nothing to do with being physically prodded! That being said, its hard to argue that the word pokie isn’t far more fun to say than the commonly used term of slots, and when visiting an Aussie gaming venue you can always ask where to find the pokies casino games and expect to be understood.

All across the globe players refer to pokies casino games by different names and although slots may be the most common, Americans often call them One Armed Bandits due to the fact that players use to have to pull a lever down to play, whilst those in Scotland may call them puggys and the English may refer to them as Fruit Machines.

Pokies Etymology

The origin of the word pokies isn’t hard to guess. It stems from the original slot machines being referred to as poker machines as they generally featured poker card symbols as the reel icons. Although the use of these card symbols has mostly fallen away, pokies has stuck and at an Australian casino, pub or club you’ll rarely see a game referred to as a slot, but rather as a pokie instead.

There are some words that, to Australians are in common use; such as dunny being the nickname for a toilet and pokies is one of these words. No ones too concerned about the fact that it may not really be relevant, these games have been given this affectionate nickname, and its stuck-firmly!

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Abbreviated Game Names

At a pokies casino you’ll be able to indulge in a great selection of games like punters have options in NZ online betting, and the fact that the nickname given to slots may be diminutive, there’s nothing small or reduced about the titles on offer. Classic reel pokies, sophisticated video pokies, games with progressive jackpots and MegaSpin games are all featured at a pokies casino and players will be spoilt for choice, whether they choose to have fun on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Australians are famous for creating abbreviations of words and this is evident in sayings such as G’day rather than good day, Australia into ‘Stralia and mosquito into mozzie (yes, the term mozzie has its origins Down Under too) so its not surprising that the rather lengthily term of poker machines was shorted to the rather delightful pokies. The word pokies dates back to the early 1900’s and even when you look at adverts from this time, you’ll see the games are referred to as pokies rather than slots or poker machines. Of course the term made its way online, and at a pokies casino on the web you can enjoy free and real money games to your hearts content.