All information about NRL Betting in New Zealand

April 20, 2020 0 Comment

The NRL, officially known as the National Rugby League, is an Australian organisation that manages rugby games, events, and tournaments on a professional level. All games associated with the NRL are played both in Australia and New Zealand, including national championships and smaller, local games. NRL betting has quickly skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and many bookmakers have turned their attention to both local and international bettors that wish to wager on NRL games, teams, and players.

Common NRL Betting Types

There is a huge selection of bets available that punters can make use of when wishing to wager on NRL games. All bets can be done online through a bookmaker, and each comes with a certain set of rules and regulations set in place by the site that offers the bet.

The most common type of bet taken out on a rugby game is the simple outright winner, which is often known as a moneyline bet. This is a wager taken on the overall winner of a game, and winnings from this bet are calculated against the odds for the team in question.

Next is the future bet, where punters can wager on a full tournament or series, predicting an overall winner for that series. This is a more risky type of NRL betting, and is most advised for experienced sporting punters.

Supremacy betting is another common type of wager, and this includes bettors gambling on the total score that one team will beat another team by. For example, if the wagered score is set at 10 on a team, then that team will need to beat the other team by at least 10 points in order for the bet to be successful.

Total points betting on the other hand is a wager taken out on the total points at the end of a match. If the bettor predicts the points correctly, they win the bet and receive winnings.

Specialised NRL Betting

Although there are common bets associated with NRL betting, there are other types of wagers that punters can take out which are more specialised for NRL games. Some of these can include head-to-head, line and point, and margin betting. Each of these types of NRL betting is offered by Aussie sports betting sites, and only become available during official NRL tournaments or events.

Additionally, there is also exotic NRL betting, which includes niche wagers not often found with other types of sport, such as first score, scoring players, and 40.20 kick bets. All bets are privy to the policies of the bookmakers that offer them, including the odds and total winnings that bettors can receive.

Lastly, premiership and medal betting are available, which are bets done over a season and the medals acquired by players respectively, and these bets are often some considered extremely niche by punters.

NRL Betting Verdict

There are few other rugby events in Australia or New Zealand that are quire as popular as the NRL games and tournaments, and this makes NRL betting the most attractive to punters from those regions.