Back in Time with Golden Era Slot

June 7, 2019 0 Comment

Everyone looks back at the past with a certain degree of fondness that can simply not be summoned up for the future in the same way, perhaps because we feel a comfort in what has already been written. Still, nostalgia can be an appealing prospect and with the theme of this Golden Era online slot game that is what to expect on the reels of this game. With this slot game from Microgaming the look at the past takes on a more focused view, centring round the 1940s and the film industry in America back then, as they steadily rose from silent movies onwards. This effective retelling incorporates a fair few visual aids onto the reels to add effect to the theme.

The Golden Era this slot game features was certainly a telling time, and worthy of presentation on the reels. Of the gameplay within however, there are 5 reels and 15 pay lines involved in the initial setup. Players of this slot game will also find accommodated on the screen is the various betting options traditional to these sorts of online games, offering the players a bit of flexibility with their betting. Other than this the Golden Era slot game also has a few bonuses to write home about, which include an always appealing free spins feature as well as a double feature bonus, linked to the theme a little too.

Off to the Movies with this Slot

Players have likely never seen a movie related scene quite like this one, with all the various adornments and graphics necessary to make the reels on the screen pop out quite decisively at the players. This begins with the backdrop which is a presentation of some rather wonderful red curtains adorning an old school stage setting. Additional to this the lights and graphics make the images on the screen rather more surreal by adding an austere glow to the proceedings and giving it that look into the past feel about it. Even the sound effects apply some efforts toward the theme’s presence on the screen of this Golden Era slot game from Microgaming.

The reels of the slot game do play significant roles in the final result appearing on screen. In this Golden Era there are quite a few and they paint a fair picture. These include various characters involved in the movie industry, like paparazzi, the actors and actresses, tickets, clapper boards, and other important members of this gallant troupe. Overall though the presentation on the reels of this Golden Era slot game are appealing though.

Onto the Filmed Bonuses on the Reels

This film themed Golden Era slot game also has a few bonus features in store for the players involved. These begin with the bonus free spins on offer that reward players with a set of 12 free spins when they trigger the event. From here the spins play out while expanded Wilds fill certain reels of the game and then steadily move across the screen as the spins play out. The double feature game included in this Golden Era slot game from Microgaming is essentially a pick’em bonus that allows players chances at some additional prizes.