Bingo is Played in Most Countries of the World

February 21, 2019 0 Comment

Bingo is a lottery style game that has been played in most countries all over the world for centuries, although probably its success is more associated with the UK and the USA. It is a game anyone can play because it is easy to understand, and it is a social game that can be played in big halls by a large number of people. Bingo is still played by many players at the conventional brick and mortar casinos, but more and more people are also beginning to enjoy playing bingo online. The online form of the game continues to grow in scope and popularity.

In Bingo a series of numbers are randomly selected and participants mark them against the numbers on their own bingo cards. The amount of numbers played can depend on the variation of the bingo game you are playing, for in the UK there are three rows of numbers on your card, but in the USA the card is usually arranged in five rows of numbers. A player will win the game when all the numbers on the card are matched in a pattern that is predetermined before the game begins. The simplest win in bingo is a full house, when the first player to match all the numbers on his card is the winner.

Online Bingo uses a Random Number Generator

Online bingo is a reproduction of the land based game, but uses a Random Number Generator to select the numbers, rather than human intervention, or a machine. In order to replicate the social nature of the land based form of bingo, some NetEnt online casinos offer a live bingo game, so players can interact with one another. Players mark their numbers in online bingo by using their mouse, and have to click to let the house know when they have secured a winning combination. All forms of online bingo are designed to be bright and fun, so the interest of all the players is continually engaged. Designers like to be creative when forming new versions of this game.

Different Bingo Games

NetEnt casinos will offer a variety of bingo games, and many of them also offer a range of tempting welcome bonuses as well to new players, both for bingo play and play on other casino games. You can find Rio Bingo and Mainstage Bingo, Costa Bingo and Wish Bingo, all of these games being available to players, and all carrying profitable bonus offers.

The Convenience of Online Bingo

There are many online casinos, among them all the NetEnt casinos, where players can find any bingo game that they want. The online game allows people the opportunity to play this entertaining game from the comfort of their own homes, without having to venture out to visit a real life bingo hall.

You will have to register with an online casino site before you can buy bingo cards and start playing for real money. You may find that games with fewer players will give you a better chance of a win, but the bigger games often offer bigger prizes too.

The beginnings of online bingo can be traced back to 1996, and the idea has grown from strength to strength in the last few years. These days all the NetEnt casinos offer big prizes and a community spirit that pays homage to this popular land based game, and to the players of all ages who enjoy playing it.