A Guide to Caribbean Stud Low Limit Poker

February 19, 2019 0 Comment

In the exciting world of casino gaming, the traditional form of poker has been developed and expanded into many different forms. Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the latest variants of the game, and Caribbean Stud Low Limit is a shortened version of this game.

Many people who play casino games, whether at a land based casino or an online pokies casino, prefer a shorter, high action type of game that can be played and finished in a minimum amount of time, yet is filled with the action they all enjoy.

This Canadian mobile casino game will offer all players the utmost convenience of the quicker version of the game, but they still have the chance to play with and win real money. This game takes just a few minutes, since you play directly against the dealer in just three rounds of betting. It is even short enough to be played during a coffee break.

A Chance to get to Know the Game

If you are not yet familiar with the rules of NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker Low Limit version, it will give the perfect opportunity to learn more about the game without risking too much real money. Caribbean Stud Low Limit can also be played for free, and that will eliminate any irresponsible risks.

This game can be perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy the game, or who wants to find out more about it before risking any high stakes. The practice and experience you gain playing Caribbean Stud Low Limit will certainly stand you in good stead when you decide to upgrade and play the high limit version.

Low Stakes but High Winnings

Caribbean Stud Low Limit by NetEnt is quite straightforward, but the possible stakes are limited to low amounts. Although the stakes may be limited, and in fact can also be played for free, but whatever version you choose it is still a game that is great fun to play.

Caribbean Stud Low Limit is played like the original version. Both you and the dealer are dealt five cards. The object of the game is to have a hand with higher ranked cards than those in the dealer’s hand. The highest hand possible is the same as in other poker games, the Royal Flush.

This is a hand comprising of five cards of the same suit, running consecutively from the Ten to the Ace. Although the bet limits may be low, you still have the chance of winning lots of money. The payout for a Royal Flush is 200 to 1, for a Straight Flush 50 to 1, and for a Full House 7 to 1.

After you have placed your ante bet, and have been dealt your hand, you can choose to play, or call, or you can fold. If you fold you will lose the ante bet you have placed, and if you choose to stay you have to place a bet equal to double your ante bet.

If the dealer does not have any ranked card hands, you will be refunded your initial stake, plus an extra cash reward as well. Some forms of Caribbean Stud Low Limit offer a progressive jackpot as well. Even with the low limits of betting, you still have a chance of winning that huge jackpot. Caribbean Stud Low Limit is a game that allows you to place low bets but still have a chance of winning big prizes.