Comprehensive Space Robbers Slot Review

March 10, 2020 0 Comment

Space Robbers slot is a five reel, four row and forty payline title developed by Games OS. This graphic rich online slots game is one of the software developers’ more popualr titles and its been a hit ever since its release.

Themed around intergalactic space travel and the stars beyond an unknown universe, Space Robbers slot offers players galaxy looting opportunities galore, with features including a wild and bonus symbol complete with three different bonus features which can produce potential big winning combinations.

Space Robbers Reel Symbols

The symbols in Space Robbers slot are all themed around the interstellar journey through an unknown universe. Players can expect to see symbols flying by at the speed of light; these symbols include but are not limited to astronauts fully complete with space gear, distant unknown planets, space ships, aliens and ice crystals.

Space Robbers Wild Symbol

The ice crystals with the word Wild clearly displayed on the graphic, represents the wild symbol in Space Robbers slot. The wild symbol will act as any typical wild within a video slot, substituting for all other symbols in the game apart from the bonus symbol, allowing for additional winning combinations to be made.

Bonus Symbol And Features

The floating space capsule, with the word Bonus clearly displayed on the graphic, represents the bonus symbol in Space Robbers slot. Players should keep a keen eye out on the reels for this symbol as it will trigger the Pick Me feature of the slot.

If players manage to land three or more floating capsule bonus symbols on the reels, the Pick Me bonus feature of the slot will be triggered. Players will now be prompted to select various space themed symbols in order to reveal a random prize.

Players should also be aware of the capsule fuel level, located on the screen. Once the fuel level has reached one hundred percent, players will have the opportunity to select from three different bonus features, which offer players a chance to scoop some intergalactic loot.

These bonus features include the Solar Race bonus feature, the Asteroid Mining bonus feature and the Spaceship Robbers bonus feature.

Solar Race Bonus Feature

If players opt for the Solar Race bonus feature, top 5 Aussie pokies games players will be prompted to participate in a space race. Dependant on the position a player achieves, a random prize will be revealed. Players will be delighted to know that every position within the Solar Race bonus feature guarantees a prize.

Asteroid Mining Bonus Feature

If players opt for the Asteroid Mining bonus feature, a quarter of the asteroid belt will need to be selected in order to mine the quarter for potential hidden prizes. Valuable asteroids will be randomly revealed in order to reveal potential big winning combinations.

Spaceship Robbers Bonus Feature

The Spaceship Robbers bonus feature will prompt players to select an enemy spaceship to loot. Once players have made their selection the spaceship selected will reveal prizes and potential big wins. These wins will be added to your overall payout amount.