Everything You Need To Know About Slots Online

April 24, 2019 0 Comment

Despite the fact that much has changed in the world since the simple mechanical workings of Charles Fey’s first slot machine at the turn of the previous century, one thing has remained a constant:  we love to win.  Who among us will ever forget the absolute thrill of hearing the celebratory bells ring out from our favourite slots online, announcing our very first win?

Combine this rush of excitement with the endless promise of an electronic world without limits, and the result is nothing short of magic, aptly delivered in the form of slots online.

Spoilt for Choice

Online players have a wide selection of slots online games available at their fingertips, each offering a more fun and innovative means to a very desirable end: winning big.  Whether your theme of choice is the sweet temptation offered by the 50 fixed paylines of Candy Bars or the hero in you wishes to join in with the ranks of Marvel’s Hulk and Iron Man, there’s something for everyone.

The best of the mix offers bonus rounds galore, multi-spins and endless bonanzas, leading to high payouts and loads of fun in getting there!

Find Online Slots Classics

Whilst it’s very exciting to play a new slots online casino game, most of us have a classic favourite.  Wheel of Fortune is one of those timeless games that will often be chosen by players because they feel a positive connection to it.

Players are given the choice of a video spin, 3 reel spin or 5 reel spin.  A player starts off by placing the initial first bet. They can subsequently also maximise the experience and the chance of hitting it big by opting for playing a Max Bet, requiring 3 credits.  As soon as a bet has been made, clicking on spin will make the wheels rotate.  If a wheel symbol is obtained on the spin, a player is then able to play Wheel Of Fortune.  The games mimic the real casino experience, with an excited audience cheering the player on.

Discover Something New

Mobile pokies NZ include new slots for mobile users, PC users and tablet fundi’s.  A player may also choose between downloading the game onto a device, and playing it online. This means that there s an option for everyone to enjoy and that slots online are more accessible than ever.

Endless Slots Fun Online

You will come across a variety of online slots during your quest to find that new favourite.  Most online slots today have between 20 and 100 paylines, 5 reels and an array of new crazy and colourful symbols that make the experience all the more enjoyable than the spinning fruit of yesteryear.

Whatever your choice, be sure to make use of free spins to hone your skills, and functions like Auto Play to speed up your chances of winning.  Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules of your slots online game of choice, increasing your chances at hitting the big one even more.  Most online slots games have a minimum bet amount.  Make sure that your bet exceeds the minimum bet amount in order to maximise your chances of winning big.