Fun Facts About Sport Betting That You Never Knew

May 20, 2021 0 Comment

In the below list we will look into some of the more fun and interesting facts about sport betting. Sport betting is not just for sport fanatics, its for everybody who wants to have fun betting on an entertaining sport.

Fun Facts List

  • While some may think that sport betting is a market owned by a few big names, interestingly sport betting is a host to over 30,000 companies world-wide. While not all of these companies are sportsbooks alone, it’s incredibly interesting to see the sheer scale of the market. With over 30,000 companies in sports betting, it beats out banks with an estimated 25,000 banks globally. The job creation from this number of companies proves sport betting no small market.
  • eSports is the fastest growing betting market out of any sport, with an over 10% growth year on year, eSports is not only the fastest growing sport but the fastest growing betting market as well. It’s scary to think that from humble roots is the 1980s eSports was considered a mere fad. Today the betting alone is worth over $2 billion no sign of stopping the strong growth.
  • Football is still the most popular sport to bet on in the world, but what could come as a surprise is the number of bets placed. In UK alone we see more than £1 billion bet on the sport every year.  This may not seem like a crazy amount but when you consider that the UK only has a population of 66 million, the numbers start to make you realise the size of football betting in the UK.
  • Horse betting is one of the biggest betting sports available, with 24/7 bets available pretty much every day of the year, it’s hard to beat horse betting from an avid bettors standpoint. That point only stands to reasons when learning that horse betting attracts over €100 billion in bets annually. So with this, which country do you think is the biggest country for horse betting? Perhaps America or Dubai where the biggest horse races in the world are held? No, Japan is currently the leading country when it comes to horse betting. Japan is known for having a somewhat underground gambling scene, so it came as a surprise to learn that they are the world leaders in horse betting.
  • The biggest single betting event in the world the FIFA Football World Cup (soccer in this case). While it may seem obvious that the biggest betting sport would have the biggest bet on single event. The surprise is not so much on which event but the value of the bets placed. In 2018 the World Cup’s final match was bet on with over $7.2 billion. This number dwarfs the betting quantity of any other single event and is only set to grow more in coming years.

There has never been a better time to be a bettor than right now. With thousands of bets available every day, there is truly something available for everybody.