Get a Massive Payout From Slots

April 29, 2020 0 Comment

We have all seen the stories on the news: an ordinary man or woman, just like yourself, sets out to play online slots after a long and hard week at work. They just want to spend some time enjoying their weekend, but they end up with something really special – the kind of jackpot that makes the record books. It seems like two or three times a year, we see the online payout record getting smashed.

Mostly it’s the progressive jackpot games that make the biggest payouts. But the catch is that for one of these games to pay out big, they need to have a lot of plays with no wins. Each person who loses their spin – or who at least does not hit the main jackpot – contributes to the overall jackpot figure, pushing it every higher. This means that every time someone anywhere around the world does not win, the potential jackpot grows. However, every single spin has an equal chance of winning that jackpot. It’s a very rare occurrence, but it could happen to anyone. That’s where playing the numbers a bit more comes in.

You can use probability here to try and get the biggest win ever recorded – or at least one that will make a few headlines. First of all, find a site where you can read up on the payout records of these progressive jackpots. There are a few big name games which you might want to focus on – the kind which regularly pay out huge amounts, and have set records in the past. Take a look at how long the gaps between each jackpot are, and how much money manages to accumulate each time. You should be able to work out something like an average for each bingo game for real money in Canada.

Now here’s the part where you have to play it carefully. Keep an eye on the games and track their progress, on a daily basis if you are really serious about this. Keep track of where they are on your scale in terms of how long it has been since their last payout and what figure they are up to. When they get up to the average number of days after which they have normally seen a payout, now is the time for you to dive in. Start playing, and watch the jackpot rise. As each day passes it becomes more and more likely that the jackpot will pay out – after all, it will not remain without payouts forever. If you are in the right place at the right time, it could be you that walks away with the big bucks.

Of course, this strategy needs some luck too. You might see someone else walk away with the prize – but if that is so, you can simply reset your figures and start again. Wait until the correct number of days have passed, and spend some time on other games until you can dive back in again.