Old West Mining with Gold Strike Slot Guide & Review

Old West Mining with Gold Strike Slot Guide & Review

February 19, 2019 0 Comment

This is slot game Gold Strike, developed by Games Warehouse this is a relatively small and simple slot game with a slight nod toward the Old West in terms of theme. Though the title and parts of the theme do suggest a link toward the Old West and the idea of mining for gold and underground minerals, for an online slot game of today’s market this game’s theme is on the simpler side of things.

The graphics and display of this slot are all geared toward a more straightforward and more classical approach to the reels, leaving the game with some bright colours but not all too much detail across the various aspects involved.

Online gaming is quite a substantial market to be involved in, for both player and developer, and as such the slot games involved in just their neck of the woods do need to offer the players something rather competitive to stay afloat. Since the theme of this slot is not necessarily the best out there the offering from this Gold Strike slot game must come through the gameplay involved.

In this regard this online slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, to which the developers attached a range of betting options so players can toggle their online experience. Overall though this Gold Strike slot game has a fair bit to offer, including a few top bonuses too.

The Theme’s Presence and Slot Setup

There are a lot of aspects that contribute to the theme of the more modern slot games and with this online slot these factors are perhaps slightly more subtle. On the reels of this Gold Strike slot players will find symbols attributable to the theme choice in question, though for the most part this does take the form of ornately styled playing card symbols that do look a bit like they were plucked from the Wild West.

As mentioned above, the graphics of this slot game developed by the rather small Games Warehouse are okay, without really involving too much in the way of animation or even many detailed symbols. Overall though, coupled with the symbols, the sound effects and even the sunset style of backdrop, this Gold Strike slot does offer a thematic atmosphere on the reels.

Other slot games can sometimes make the setup of the game quite a mission, but with this online slot all the aspects involved are rather clearly indicated and made visibly available to the players from the outset.

This includes the betting options and such that create the game style for the players, but also the other options like auto-play and even a rather detailed gambling online NZ option.

A Few Bonuses in the Wild West

Though the theme of this slot may be a little under the weather, the bonuses available are worth basking in the sun for. This includes a cascading reels like feature that triggers re-spins whenever combinations are formed, holding these symbols in place so that if more are added after the spin then additional re-spins are awarded.

There is also a pick’em bonus game that can reward players with some rather appealing prizes as well as a little more theme presence. Overall though, a good showing from the Games Warehouse Gold Strike online slot.