How Online Gaming Changes The NZ Casino Industry

February 21, 2019 0 Comment

Gambling in New Zealand has been legal in some form or another for many, many years.

Just like Australia however the industry is very heavily regulated to avoid exploitation of vulnerable individuals and to develop the communities surrounding the gaming activity.

Officially there are only 6 casinos that operate in New Zealand so from a land based casino perspective, there isn’t many options for local casino fans.

Well-Regulated Industry

This well regulated gaming industry is a double-edged sword. It means there is a lot of good done for people with the funds from gaming, but it also negatively impacts the players as they do not have many gaming options and the jackpots available never get astronomically high.

Luckily online casino gaming has come around to improve the lot of the average New Zealand casino fan.

They retain the well-regulated environment but offer more leniency ion jackpots, bonuses and variety of available casinos.

Huge Jackpot Opportunities Online

Progressive jackpots at online casinos can pay out millions of dollars to players. They work by combining multiple pokies into one jackpot fund.

Each win on these pokies adds more and more to the progressive jackpot.

Online casinos can connect much more best pokies online than a land-based casino can. Online casinos payouts are generally higher than land based casino payouts.

Limited Gaming Options

Online casinos have brought players a huge range of real money casino games, some variations on old favourites, while others offer completely new experiences.

This speaks to a massive limitation of land-based casinos. They can only fit in as many games as their floor space allows. This means standard, familiar titles will always take precedence over exotic or niche casino titles.

Online casinos really expand the casino experience for new players as most people encounter fun, new games to make real money wagers on. With regular game updates added to the mix, it’s no wonder more and more people are moving to online casino gaming.

Convenient And Quick Access

With only 6 official casinos available to New Zealanders, one of the biggest ways online casinos have changed the industry is to allow people to game from home, using real New Zealand dollars.

Not only can you play online casino games on your home computer, but you can also take the experience with you wherever you go by downloading mobile casino apps.

This allows you to access your casino account via your tablet or smartphone.

Live Gaming And Social Media

Land based casinos could always lay claim to the social aspect of their gaming activity but modern technology has resolved that element as well.

Online casinos are increasingly offering live dealer casino games.

These entail a professional dealer hosting a live game to players via live streaming. This lets players get the fun and excitement of a land based table game in the comfort of their homes.

The innovative nature of modern online casinos means that there will be many more improvements to online casinos and a bigger impact on the casino industry as a whole.