Learn About The History of Casinos

July 30, 2019 0 Comment

Casinos in the modern sense are renowned as establishments that offer organised gambling activities and betting games to enthusiastic players. The word “casino” originates from the Italian “casa”, meaning “home”, and during the 19th century, casinos were known as establishments used to house general public events such as concerts, dances and sports games.

Nowadays, players at casinos have the opportunity to participate in games of chance or skill involving mathematical odds that determine each player’s chances of winning real money on their respective bets, as well as the casino’s edge in the game. Although the modern definition of a casino as an organised betting institution is a relatively new one, societies across the globe have been gambling for millennia – even ancient Chinese, Greek and Egyptian civilisations enjoyed a good game of odds!

Casinos in Australia

Gambling is a highly popular leisure activity in Australia, with a recent survey declaring that up to 80% of Australian adults have enjoyed partaking in a game of odds at one time or another, making Australia one of the world’s top gambling nations. The first land-based Australian casino was established in 1973, and since then, many others have opened their doors across the country as the popularity of casino play has grown and more and more Australian citizens look to gambling as a preferred entertainment medium.

Australian casinos offer patrons a wide and varied selection of betting games, including local favourite pokies and table games of Poker, Craps, Baccarat and Roulette, among other casino staples. These games offer players the chance to win real money returns on their bets; additionally, many casinos also offer casino-specific complimentary offers and rewards that are often presented to regular casino players. Other recreational facilities are also available at many gambling establishments, offering visitors top dining and entertainment opportunities, and the design of these casinos is also carefully coordinated to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and vibrant environment in order to maximise players’ Australian casino experience.

Options for Every Player

With the advent of online gambling in the 1990’s, the Australian casino industry has also expanded to offer players online and mobile gambling options, in which players can play all the best casino games either for free or for the chance to bet and win real money, all easily and securely operated from their internet-enabled laptops, smartphones and PCs. These online and mobile casino variants are a great way for players to access all the excitement of a live Australian casino from wherever they may be, without the need to travel or find time in a busy schedule, and all casino-related banking can be done safely and easily through real money player accounts while operating in AUSD$, another feature of many top online Australian casinos. Players can also enjoy online-specific promotions and progressive jackpots to increase their winning potential at their favourite real money pokies Australia and mobile games. These factors of convenience and fun have made online and mobile casino options the most popular gambling media among Australian players today.