Marilyn Red Carpet Slot in Review for Online Casino Fans

June 7, 2019 0 Comment

Although considered retro in modern times, Marilyn Monroe is still a well known and extremely popular celebrity figure. Having stared in multiple films, prominently appearing in numerous works of art, and a living legend for her infamous billowing skirt routine, she has all but immortalised herself in the entertainment industry.

Today, although long past the peak of her popularity, she still occasionally features in spin-off productions, including the Marilyn Red Carpet slot game. It is not the only slot game to use her likeness, but is a well put together tribute to a highly influential Hollywood icon. The game uses a standard five reel, ten betting line system, as well as allowing players to manually select betting lines, which is always a welcome addition for those who enjoy strategic control of the proceedings. In terms of graphics the game goes out of its way to make Marilyn look stunning, using high definition images that capture her likeness in exceptional detail.

The sound of the game is likewise professionally created, soothing players with a calm tune that aims to recreate a swanky cigar lounge. Lets look in more detail at the Marilyn Red Carpet slot game.

Play Symbols in More Detail

When a game bases its theme around an actress you can be sure she is going to appear on as many play symbols as possible. In Marilyn Red Carpet Marilyn Monroe is not only a sight to behold, but also the player’s best friend. She stands as the most valuable symbol in the game, pictured in a white dress with a swanky Rolls Royce behind her. If this symbol is matched the maximum of five times an enormous payout is granted, perhaps not enough to buy a Rolls Royce, but certainly enough to put a smile on the player’s face.

Matching the symbol the minimum of three times likewise gives a good payout, but significantly less then the maximum. The second most valuable symbol is Marilyn’s face, which is still a highly lucrative symbol to match. Some of the other less valuable symbols include a studio light, a retro film camera, and a classic director’s chair. The remaining symbols of the game are the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, all of which have been studded with diamonds.

Bonuses and Billowing Skirts

What would a game about Marilyn Monroe be without taking advantage of the famous billowing skirt stunt? The wild symbol in Marilyn Red Carpet is the lady herself in mid skirt billowing sequence. The symbol, of course, may match with any other symbol in order to create a matching sequence, but also has one other trick up its sleeve. Upon being matched the wild symbol will expand to cover an entire row, not only granting multiple extra chances at winning sequences, but also triggering an animation. As you may have already guessed, the animation is the billowing skirt scene in a high resolution recreation of the classic movie moment. The other bonus symbol to look out for is the scatter symbol, featuring Marilyn’s face smiling affectionately. If this symbol is matched three times it will grant an instant massive payout, as well as granting five free spins.