Quickspin Slots

February 22, 2019 0 Comment

Quickspin Slots Coming To Rank Group

Maybe the news has reached your ears, but it seems like Quickspin slots are coming to the Rank Group.  First things first, the Rank Group was established in 1995 and is a gambling and leisure company from a British origin and heritage.

The Rank Group has grown so significantly over the years that they have opened operations in Belgium, the United States and Spain, to name but a few.

The Rank Group has grown from strength to strength over the years, and has attained various entertainment platforms including the likes of Motion Pictures and many more.

This entertainment giant is heading the operation of the biggest casino collection in the UK called Grosvenor Casinos, and the news of Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group just proves the size and power behind the Rank Group brand and name.

Mecca Bingo and Rank Interactive also form part of the diverse industry coverage of the Rank Group, being the online balckjack canada betting and gaming leg of this multi-national company.

More Games To Choose From

The Rank Group boasts with a wide range of entertainment options, but with the Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group casinos, the players will be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of tables and slots that will be added to the Rank Group collection.

Professional players are of the opinion that the Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group casinos will result in bigger crowds visiting these land based outlets and the experience is believed to be a more well rounded one.

The Video Slot Revolution

The Rank Group is a fairly new company, taking into account that they have only recently turned 21. This group does not have an extensive range of video slots, and therefore the implementation of Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group was a significant and strategic business move.

The Quickspin slots are mainly focused on video slots, and they have an entire range of very successful and artistically well-designed video slots to bring to the table.

Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group brings various themes of online video slots to the group and this is what gives the Rank Group the cutting edge when it comes to entertainment.

Online video slots to keep an eye out for is the Three Musketeers, Rapunzel’s Tower, the Big Bad Wolf, Sinbad and Goldilocks, to name but a few.

Quickspin Bonus Features

With Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group, they do not only bring on board a whole lot of fun and exciting video slot games, but also unique game features and bonus rounds that will surprise and impress the players of these slots.

The bonus rounds are related to the storyline and these rounds are triggered as the game unfolds. Quickspin slots also feature the ever popular Scatter symbols that trigger Free Spins, and Wild symbols that have the ability to replace any other symbols, excluding the Scatter, in order to complete winning combinations. Various multipliers built into the video slots are also new on the scene and proves to be very popular amongst players.

Most of the Quickspin slots have technologically advanced interface displays and also prompts player interaction. This has proven to have players very excited about the Quickspin Slots coming to Rank Group establishments.