Soccer Betting Guide for NZ Punters

April 20, 2020 0 Comment

Soccer is big business in New Zealand. As the third most popular sport in the country, there are a variety of tournaments which take place throughout the year in both summer and winter. The premier tournament is the New Zealand Football Championship, also known as the Stirling Sports Premiership and formerly the ASB Premiership, which is contested by 10 teams and takes place in summer.

The New Zealand Football Championship provides plenty of opportunities for soccer betting, but this is not where the interest stops. Kiwi punters are also very keen on soccer betting when it comes to offshore games, and there are a large number of offshore sportsbooks that currently offer their services to Kiwi punters.

Kiwi Soccer Betting Guide

As many sports bettors in New Zealand will know, there are over 600 TAB outlets across the country, but only one authorized online sportsbook. Even though there are so many TAB outlets, many Kiwi punters would rather place bets online, as it’s more convenient and offers more privacy. Of course, as the options for online bookmakers are so limited it doesn’t provide much variety. However, many offshore sportsbooks have now opened their doors to punters from New Zealand, which has afforded a huge variety of options, as well as a much bigger betting market. Kiwi bettors are no longer limited to just soccer betting, but can branch out into a variety of markets.

Soccer Betting Types

When it comes to soccer betting, any punter will tell you that it makes the beautiful game far more exciting and rewarding. However, the idea of placing a bet on a match can seem confusing at first to novice players, and the huge variety of wager can make it difficult to decide which would be most suitable. To assist our Kiwi punters, below you will find a quick guide to the most popular forms for soccer betting, as well as a brief explanation of odds.

Betting odds assist punters in calculating how much they would win if they placed a successful bet, and are directly linked to the likelihood of a team winning a match according to the bookmaker, as it’s the bookmaker who sets the odds. This is why punters find different odds on a match when looking at a variety of betting sites in Australia.

The most popular type of sports bet will always be the simplest, and it’s no different when it comes to soccer betting. The most popular type of sport bet remains the wager on who will be the match victor, however, some bookmakers will institute a point spread to level the playing field.

There are also a variety of exotic wagers when it comes to soccer betting, as wagers can be placed on virtually every aspect of the game. Punters could choose to place a wager on which team will be the first to score a goal or even on how many penalty kicks will be awarded throughout a match.

New Zealand Soccer

Much of the sporting culture in New Zealand is owed to their original colonisers, and as such rugby union is considered the country’s national sport. However, soccer remains a popular choice amongst the younger Kiwi generations, and there are a number of leagues active in the country.