Taking Deuces Wild Video Poker to a New Level

June 7, 2019 0 Comment

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker game that is produced by numerous casino software development companies, including Realtime Gaming. RTG, as they are also known, have developed an excellent reputation for video poker games and their version of the well-known games will always be innovative, action-filled and thoroughly entertaining.

Video poker gained its reputation due to the casino game genre being able to combine the attraction of poker with that of online slot games. Invented during the 1970’s as a land based slots-type game, thanks to the internet and remarkable software development, many of these poker machines are gaining fresh traction and appreciation. RTG’s Deuces Wild video poker game is one such example.

The Realtime Gaming Legacy

Realtime Gaming software developers have created well over 150 games, acquiring a reputation for the very highest in graphics and gaming experience standards along the way. RTG games are generally available in both instant play and downloadable versions, with all games being completely customisable in terms of speed, sound effects and screen size. Their video poker games are elegantly presented and dynamic to play.

Virtually all video poker variants are based largely on the base game called Jacks or Better, and RTG’s Deuces Wild is no different. Additional features are incorporated, with Deuces Wild having the feature of the two card, or deuce, turning into an automatic wild card. Deuces Wild therefore has increased odds with respect to scoring poker hand pay-out.

Gameplay Options in Deuces Wild

In order to begin playing RTG’s Deuces Wild video poker game, players can initially select the number of coins wagered on the hand. Five cards are then dealt to the player. Based on the cards drawn thus, players are allowed to discard up to five cards. Players can retain any cards they want to, simply by clicking Hold. The discarded cards are then replaced, with any pay-outs are effected immediately as per the game pay tables.

RTG video poker games provide players with an additional level of excitement and winning possibility by having a Gamble option. This means that players can use this facility to double their winnings, should they correctly guess the colour of a face-down single card. The gamble feature can be repeated, although players should be aware that an incorrect guess will see them lose the entire win.

Winning Deuces Wild Hands

Winning starts in Deuces Wild video poker with three of a Kind or a Straight. Both combinations pay out even money, a reduced prize due to the odds of achieving these hands with deuces being wild. Real winning begins with a Flush, and a rarer winning combination is available in this game, namely Five of a Kind, thanks to the deuces. The winning hand, of a Natural Royal Flush, that does not contain a two, is paid out on the maximum wager. Players can therefore get paid out 4000 coins for this hand.

RTG’s Deuces Wild video poker game can be played for free at many casinos. Available on many mobile apps too, RTG’s game provides a fair, and healthy pay-out rate to players who use the basic poker strategy effectively.