The Baseball World Series Event

April 24, 2019 0 Comment

The Baseball World Series is the one of the most watched sporting events in the United States. It likewise draws viewers from around the world, millions of which tune in to watch via television.

So popular is the Baseball World Series that it is said to bring the United States to a standstill, as millions of Americans drop everything to watch the game live, or follow the event via web feed or television.

It is estimated that that during the Baseball World Series as many as 20 million Americans tune in to watch, with the average number being around 14 million.

Interestingly, despite having the title of the World Series, the Baseball World Series is in fact contested only by the two major leagues in the United States. No foreign countries of any kind participate in the event. The Baseball World Series is contested between the American League, and National League, both of which are based in the United States. The Baseball World Series has been contested a total number of 112 times, as of 2016, making it one of the longest running sport tournaments in history.


The Baseball World Series was originally first held in the late 1800s, although the form played then was not considered the same as the modern version. The first officially modern Baseball World Series was in 1903. Over the decades the format of the World Series has undergone some changes, with the most notable being in 1969. Prior to 1969 the baseball teams with the best statistics were automatically qualified for the World Series final. However, beyond 1969 a tournament was held to determine which teams qualified. This tournament is referred to as the Championship Series, and is almost as popular as the Baseball World Series Itself.

The history of the Baseball World Series is a colourful one, with many controversial and interesting events occurring over its many decades of being held. Scandals have occurred in many instances, as well as boycotts and other noteworthy situations. All in all, the tournament is still one that is held in high regard by both Americans and the world at large. There is no sign that the Baseball World Series will ever stop being a point of major interest in the sporting world.

Baseball World Series Betting

When the Baseball World Series comes around there is a marked increase in bet making in the United States. Many fans eagerly place bets at sports betting USA sites on their favourite team to win, as an act of support and respect. More strategic bet makers, however, know that the bet bets are place with the head and not the heart. Although there is nothing wrong with betting on a favourite team, it might be wiser to place a bet on the team most likely to win.

Many online bookmakers offer combined betting options for the World Series and Championship Series. A bet may be placed on a team to win during the Championship Series, and if that team follows through to the World Series, and wins, the payout will be a substantial one.