The Paralympic-Style Invictus Games

June 21, 2022 0 Comment

The Invictus Games sporting event is an annual Paralympic-style multi-sports championship, first initiated by Britain’s Prince Harry.

The event focuses on wounded, sick, or otherwise injured armed services personnel and veterans, participating in injury-adjusted sports such as wheelchair basketball or indoor rowing.

Named after the Latin word ‘Invictus’, meaning ‘unconquered’, the Invictus Games were initiated in 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, United Kingdom. The games were inspired by the Warrior Games, a sporting event based on a similar premise taking place in the United States.

Prince Harry has explained that the Invictus Games were meant to inspire veterans and demonstrate that people can live life even with disabilities, an objective aimed to show troops that they have not been forgotten.

A Difference in Betting

Since the Invictus Games are somewhat different to normal sporting events, sports bettors cannot simply allow themselves to follow sporting trends and rally behind the favourite teams while deciding on where to place their bets.

The Invictus Games are far more specialised, and therefore require sports bettors to do much more research before deciding to bet on the Invictus Games.

Getting Started

If sports bettors are keen to consider placing bets on the Invictus Games, then there are a few things they ought to keep in mind before getting started.

For one, it would be advisable for live sports bettors to thoroughly research the Invictus Games, its history, and the events it offers. Since it is a Paralympics-style event, there are numerous sporting events to choose from, including both individual events and team events. However, since some of these events may have had to be adjusted slightly in order to accommodate the disability, such as wheelchair baseball, for instance, there may be a few rules of the games that sports bettors otherwise familiar with the sport in question may not know about. It is therefore advisable to read up on any differences that these sporting events may have to the standard events, and how this affects game play and the options sports bettors may have.

Even if the Invictus Games focus on a Paralympics-style championship, this does not exclude certain athletes rising to professionalism in their respective fields. In addition to researching the actual Invictus Games, the sporting events on offer, and any possible differences, sports bettors will also need to be become acquainted with professional or excelling athletes in the Paralympics field.

Once sports bettors are familiar with the Invictus Games, the events, rules thereof, and the portfolio of athletes, they will need to move on to find a reputable sports bookie that is open to bets on the Invictus Game. Finding a sports bookie here is no different than finding any other bookie in that sports bettors need to ensure the agent has all the necessary licences and security and safety systems in place.

When sports bettors have found a sports bookie that offers what they need and suits all their requirements, they will need to familiarise themselves with what types of bets can be placed and what the odds for each are.