The Smart And Funny Double Down Movie Review

April 20, 2020 0 Comment

Double Down is an R rated film from 2001 starring Jason Priestley. It is a drama set in Los Angeles. It follows the lives of four gamblers drinking and partying their lives away while discussing a variety of topics. Girls, personal life and how to do the perfect William Shatner impression all come under discussion. Their hard partying life style comes to a grinding halt when a psychotic bookie shows up to reclaim the astronomical debt racked up by of one of the friends. They must try and come up with a plan to save their friend. As professional gamblers, they only know one way to get the money necessary to pay the debt. One big bet on a fixed baseball game. Soon the pressure starts getting to the friends, with each going through a journey of self discovery. They each learn what they are capable of as men and as a group of friends united in attaining a common goal. The film was originally Titled Zigs, which is the name of the restaurant where most of the film takes place, Zig’s Restaurant. The film was eventually re-titled to Double Down and released by Lions Gate films in 2001.

The Plot Outline Of Double Down

The film stars Jason Priestley as David Zigman who plays the heavy drinking ladies man and unofficial leader of the group. Kane Picoy plays his degenerate best friend Mike and also serves as the film’s narrator. Peter Dobson, known for his roles in the Poseidon Adventure remake, as well as The Frighteners and playing Elvis in Forest Gump, plays Cory, nicknamed the Jinx by the rest of the group as he is considered to be unlucky. Finally there is the sensitive Brett, played by Justin Jon Ross. He may be crass and a big a hooligan as the rest of the group, but he is just looking for love. He is the most hopeless with girls of the whole group, due to his emotional immaturity, but a lo9vable character all the same.

The film really kicks off when Mars Callahan shows up as the villain. He plays a bookmaker who is a lot of bad news for the crew. He is not just unpredictable and dangerous, but he is obsessed with online bingo NZ. He is always ready with an impersonation of Walken, making the villain both unsettling and amusing.

About The Director Of Double Down

Mars Callahan is not just the villain in Double Down, but also the director and co writer. Mars is a lifelong gambler and a participant in the 2011 world series of poker. He cashed out in 94th place. He also directed the critically acclaimed film, California as well as the cult classic, Pool hall Junkies. He received his start in film from his breakout role in the series, The Wonder Years. Currently Mars is still working on film, but his ill health has made things difficult. He had his right kidney and adrenal gland removed after doctors found a tumor.

Double Down was well received upon release. The film has great atmosphere and many standout performances from the varied cast. Mars Callahan knows what it is like to enjoy gambling and he knows the risks attached. This makes the film believable and a fascinating look at what can go wrong when you make big bets with bad people.