Uncover Sunken Treasure Online Slots Game

April 24, 2019 0 Comment

Playing online casino slots games can often prove to be similar to uncovering treasures. One online slots game, Sunken Treasure by Realtime Gaming, has taken this sentiment quite literally. The theme takes players under the sea and helps them discover a world of gems, jewels and riches. Of course, all of these trinkets bring about great fortune in the form of real money for lucky players, regardless of whether they are new to online slots games, or whether they are seasoned players. Below, you will find all the basics you need to know before diving in and experiencing this online slots game for yourself.

Slots Betting Options

Realtime Gaming has set Sunken Treasure’s default bet to $1. This bet is placed on 20 lines. Conveniently, the top of the screen will provide you with all your vital betting information, including your account balance, your bet and the amount of money you can win on that bet. The default bet can be altered with the same ease at which all of the aforementioned information was found. By clicking on the “Bet” button, you can adjust your bet to either a higher or a lower amount by simply clicking the arrows and choosing from an assortment of denominations.

Reel Symbols

Realtime Gaming is well known for the wide array of artwork and symbols that have appeared on its games. Sunken Treasure is no different. The scatter symbol takes the form of a sunken ship and allows players to access the bonus round features.

The substitute symbol, on the other hand, can represent any symbol needed to make a winning combination and appears in the form of a diver. If two or more divers appear in a combination, your prize will automatically be doubled. One special feature that this slot game’s symbols represent is the Jewel Pick. Should a player uncover a red or blue jewel, they will be rewarded with cold, hard cash of up to 500 times their original bet.

Basic Sunken Treasure Slots Rules

Sunken Treasure online slots game has a few basic rules that, if remembered, can help make the experience of playing more enjoyable. These include the fact that the maximum a player can win is 40 000 times that of their original bet.

Furthermore, any winnings made from progressive jackpots will be added to existing winnings. Finally, it is important for players to remember that the progressive jackpot can be hit at absolutely any time towards the conclusion of the game.

Realtime Games’ Sunken Treasure is a mixture of all the classic online slots USA game features. By familiarising yourself with the basic features of the game, as well as reminding yourself of the general rules before you play, your experience of this game should be a fairly seamless one.

As you continue on your playing journey, as with any game, your strategy will become increasingly stronger and before long, you could be well on your way to uncovering all the red and blue stones and reaping generous rewards.