Understanding Betting Tips Before Placing Actual Bets

March 10, 2020 0 Comment

Betting tips and picks are a dime a dozen and a quick search in your browser will bring up hundreds, if not thousands of betting tips websites. The more pressing issue is finding one that is credible and that deserves your time and attention. The internet makes it easier than ever before to access information on betting strategies, tips and predications on a wide range of sports betting markets. The internet’s ease of access is a double edged sword in that it allows anybody to start their own betting website, which makes finding a trustworthy source a slightly more complicated matter.

Betting tips in and of themselves are by no means a guarantee for making sure-win wagers but they can be useful in providing bettors with useful information that can help them make better-educated bets. The key here is to understand how to navigate the world of betting tips and strategies. Below are a few important points of consideration that can help you determine whether you should take a betting tip seriously or not.

How to Navigate the World of Betting Tips:

  1. Don’t be fooled by extravagant winning percentages.

The average sports bettor has around a 48% winning ratio and in order for a bettor to be considered profitable, they need to win a minimum of 54% of their wagers placed. Any betting website or expert boasting handicaps of between 80 – 90% should be approached with some caution, as reality simply does not reflect this. Don’t be impressed by gaudy winning percentages as this can simply be a lure to attract more traffic and business to their site. This is especially relevant to betting tip sites that require you to pay a subscription fee in order to access the latest information and tips.

  1. Focus on content.

Credible sources will provide tips based on careful research and analysis of the game. They focus on the cold, hard facts of the game in terms of player performance, injuries, home/away statistics, etc. Be wary of tipsters who spend a bulk of their time referring to intangible factors such as teams “rising to the occasion” or choking a game because of “chronically low morale”. Focus your attention on facts over fiction.

  1. Look at the long-term track record.

Another good gauge of whether a betting tip website or tipster is credible or not is to scrutinise their track record. You’re ideally looking for someone that has been consistently profitable for at least six months to a year. Hot streaks are definitely appealing but what you really want to find, is someone who is consistent over the long term when looking at anything from cricket to UFC betting odds.

  1. Online reputation and social validation.

Living in an era of social media and instant internet access means that there’s nowhere to hide. This means that most tipsters have a social media presence while most betting tips sites have a searchable online reputation.

Just because a tipster has a large social media following doesn’t necessarily mean that their tips are worth your while. You can easily find out what other people’s experiences and perceptions of them are, this information can help you determine whether following the advice of a certain tipster is really worth it or not. Similarly, sports betting comparison sites, chatrooms and forums are great places to read reviews on betting tips sites.