Using Strategy In Online Pokies

February 21, 2019 0 Comment

Pokies today are a far cry for their mechanical counterparts back in the day.

Pokies have fully embraced the digital revolution and now they are more akin to videogames than the classic fruit machines of yesteryear.

Strategic play of pokies is possible but not in the same way that blackjack strategy will lower the house edge.

Pokie strategy relies on effectively managing yourself more than managing the games.

The Mechanical Strategy Hangover

Many modern pokie strategies you may find online are simply habits and rumours left over from the days of mechanical slot machines.

In these machines, mechanical defects and nuances did leave the machine open to losses from eagle eyed pokie fans.

Modern Pokies Are Proven Fair

Modern online pokies NZ are fully digital. They run on specially created game software based on mathematical models and odds.

This makes the online pokie an almost perfect machine. Furthermore these games have their software tested at reputable casinos.

Online casinos will employ third party software engineers to test and prove that the results of the games are truly random.

This is thanks to the pokies’ special Random Number Generator software that creates all the game’s results.

Applicable Strategies

Since modern online pokies do not really feature any mechanical tells or defects, it limits the available options for strategic pokie play.

The strategies left to apply feature self-discipline, practice and bending the odds in your favour using options on hand to you.

Bankroll Management

Managing your funds is key to effectively playing pokies. It means setting out a monthly wager budget that is split into daily limits as well as loss limits.

Stick to your bankroll plan and you will never be left with nothing to wager with.

Free Play Gaming

Online pokies can be played for free. The trade off is that you can’t bet real money in free play mode.

You should use this mode to get some practice in. Learn the game’s nuances and try to spot any recurring patterns or results from the game.

Wager The Coin Maximum

Many people font bother to read the rules before they play a few rounds of a pokie, but there may be many clues to improve your odds and lower the house edge.

One common way that pokies can improve your odds is with maximum coin wagers. Many pokies will lower the house edge if the player wagers the maximum amount of coins on each payline.

You wager more and risk more but the odds of rewards also increase with it.

Play According To A Schedule

Just like managing your bankroll, you should also manage your time. There is no greater risk for a gambler than chasing a loss or even chasing a winning streak.

Set yourself a strict gaming schedule and keep to it.

Avoid Purchasing Strategies

One of the biggest risks to your finances is online sources claiming to have fool proof betting strategies for pokies, which you of course have to purchases.

There is no secret method to beating pokies. The random number generators take care of any fallacies or mistakes, so the pokie results are pretty set in stone.

You are assured of a fair game with no easy exploits.