Virtual Betting Tips for New Bettors

August 4, 2020 0 Comment

Once upon a time, fans of real, flesh-and-blood sports derided virtual sports as a pale imitation; a computer game trying to be the real thing. But consider this: global epidemics don’t put paid to virtual sports tournaments. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, heatwaves and wildfires have absolutely no effect on the season that your virtual sports team is enjoying.

They are always available; natural disasters might see real sports suspended, but the virtual tournaments will simply roll on. Even with the whole world shut down, you can find mobile betting action on virtual sports.

Pitch-Perfect Simulations

Virtual sports titles have come a long way since the first attempts in 1961, when IBM engineer John Burgeson created a simulated baseball game that relied on play-by-play printouts and no graphics. Modern virtual sports, whether football, basketball, tennis or horse and greyhound racing, can deliver realistic animations and audio via mobile devices.

They are also instantly available anytime, unlike real-world tournaments, and much quicker. A real-world football match involves 90 minutes of play; a virtual version will take between 90 seconds and three minutes.

To an extent, because the games are computer simulations, you don’t need as much specialist knowledge to bet on virtual sports as real sports require; although as you’ll see below, knowledge of the virtual game, rather than the sport, can help. But because virtual sports are determined by random number generating software, it’s easier to bet on them like slots or video poker games, requiring less nous than placing wagers on real sports.

Other Pros Of Virtual Betting

You don’t even need a global disaster: simple bad weather can ruin a real-world sporting event. That is an issue that never comes up in virtual sport; the weather in cyberspace is always perfect for betting enthusiasts.

And because virtual sports were designed for legal betting sites from the start, they are in fact safer and more regulated than the gambling market attached to many flesh-and-blood sports. In some cases, you might argue that virtual sports are ethically better than their live counterparts, too.

A virtual Grand National has been run online since 2017, for instance. Those who oppose steeplechase on the grounds that it endangers horses needlessly can only be pleased to see all the fences and falls rendered harmlessly by RNG software.

Betting Tips To Memorise

As always, make sure you bet on virtual sports only at licensed, regulated sites that are legal where you live, for your own protection. Be sure to budget income that is genuinely disposable for your betting entertainment, and stick to that budget.

If you bet regular small sums, pay attention to the patterns of the virtual sport. Just because the software is random does not mean that teams will play that way. Each team or competitor in a virtual sport will have a history and background, based on earlier contests.

How past statistics for different teams and players interact with each other as well as the RNG software is what creates the patterns of wins and losses. You can learn to bet for or against teams if you focus on discerning these patterns.