Why Online Pokies Australia are Extremely Popular?

May 16, 2019 0 Comment

The history of slots machines is long and colourful. The very first machine was developed in 1891 in New York. This was a machine that rolled several drums when money was put into a slot, and poker cards would line up when the drums came to a stop. All wins were paid by the establishment that housed this machine. The first machines powered by electricity were the pinball machines dating from the 1960s, and then came the first video slots machines. Online casino games became available in Las Vegas during the next decade, but only really caught in the 1980s.

Enormous Range of Profitable Features

Today, because of the huge development of modern technology, there is an extremely wide range of slots, or pokie games as they are called in Australian casinos, offered to players in every online casino. Online pokies Australia are by far the most popular game in any Australian casino, whether the land based casino or an online one. The present games offer some impressive features and functions, together with an enormous range of themes, graphics, sounds and animations. Online pokies Australia can include multi pay line games, multi spin games, bonus features and free spins games, to name but a few of the variations available today. You will also be able to find the incredibly lucrative progressive jackpot games. New games and new features are being released regularly. Some progressive jackpot pokies are triggered randomly, but some of them will require you to wager with the maximum numbers of coins to be eligible for a win.

Playing all online casino games is a massive industry, and still growing. You play the same games in an online casino that you do in a land based casino. Online pokies Australia can be the classic three reel game, or the five reel game. Interestingly, it will pay you to play with the highest return available, as that will make a difference to the odds. The more money you wager, the bigger will be your rewards.

Some Great Bonuses Will Be Offered

The competition between online casinos, will ensure that you will be offered some great bonuses to register and open an account. There are different types of bonuses, but all online casinos will offer you some kind of a welcome or sign up bonus. Online pokies Australia sites often offer a cash bonus, with some free spins on a popular pokie machine as part of the bonus. The free spins bonus is also sometimes offered to regular players to try out a new release, or to promote certain games. There may also be a high roller bonus offered to players who wager often, and with high stakes. The welcome bonus is usually accompanied by some wagering requirements, so it is worth a little time taken to find out all the details before you register, and to find out which online pokies Australia casinos offer the most rewarding bonuses.

Online slots have simple rules, and as they are games of chance, no particular skill or strategy is required to play them. One of the greatest attractions in playing pokies, whether i n a land based casino or online, is the exciting possibility of a huge win in return for a minimal outlay. Certainly this jackpot may not happen often, but when it does it can lead to a huge win, especially through one of the progressive jackpots.